Donate to HCHIC

Your tax deductible donations to HCHIC will help our mission: ‘To unify the health information infrastructure for Harris County, Texas for the benefit of all.’ become a reality.

Short term 2007 goal: $80,000
Three year goal: $2 million


Your donations of money, equipment or personnel are welcome.

Donation checks can be made to ‘HCHIC’ and sent to:


4010 Blue Bonnet, Suite 202

Houston, Tx 77025


Donation by Credit Card:

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Wish to donate more? Contact us.


Student Level: $50/year (student)  Sign Up Here
Basic Level: $100/year (non-student) Sign Up Here

  • Support for HCHIC’s mission.
  • Participate in general meetings.
  • Online forum participation and members only information.
  • Newsletter for HCHIC activities.

Memberships and sponsorships received before October 31′st will be ‘Founding’ memberships and sponsorships and listed permanently on this website.